Scheduling Services

Mechanical Design/Build Construction & Procurement Schedules

project_management2.gifPoole and Kent recognize the vital role project tracking plays in the success of every mechanical services project. We begin the scheduling process by developing a master procurement and mechanical construction schedule.

Our in-house scheduling department identifies the project milestones and critical areas where construction conflicts may exist. Their conclusions are developed into a detailed construction schedule. This schedule is then resource-loaded. Manpower curves are generated to identify any peaks and valley in the manpower. The manpower is leveled so that a more consistent work force can be kept on the project.

By assigning cost to each of the definable features of work, projected cash flow curves can be run. This also allows the schedule to be used for billing the owner.

Look-ahead schedules are run from the detailed mechanical design/build construction schedule as well. This information is disseminated to all vendors, subcontractors, superintendents and foremen, enabling the field management to ensure that the material, equipment and proper manpower are in place when the work becomes available.